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lundi 23 juillet 2012

Wookong-M Firmware 5.12a beta


July 20, 2012
WKM new firmware 5.12a-Beta version release news
Some end users have various issues regarding the latest firmware 5.12; DJI respect their opinion and feedbacks. DJI will release WKM new firmware 5.12a-Beta version on 20th July, regarding end users’ feedback. Detail as below:

Details of WKM new firmware 5.12a-Beta version
l  Autopilot                                 
l  Auto Hover Fail-Safe
l  Return Home and Landing Fail-Safe
l  Quad-rotor, Hexa-rotor, Y6-rotor, X8-rotor and Octo-rotor Supported
l  Customized Motor Mixer
l  Remote Gain Adjustment
l  Two-axis Gimbal Supported
l  D-BUS Port, S-bus and PPM Receiver Supported
l  Voltage Monitor and Low Voltage Protection
l  Intelligent Orientation Control(IOC)

What’s changed?
l  Fix the M7 and M8 spinning up problem of octocopter with traditional receiver.
l  Improve the gimbal control performance by reducing the gimbal irregular shaking, so as to make gimbal movement smoother.

l  Make sure reconfigure all parameters after upgrading firmware.
l  Octo using traditional rx is still being evaluated.

The latest WKM firmware 5.12 is still valid and available on DJI website. End users can make their own opinion to choose 5.12 or 5.12a-Beta version. Any feedback of WKM firmware 5.12a-Beta version, please send email to or contact local dealer.
        We appreciate all your understanding and support.

DJI Marketing/Sales
July 20, 2012

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