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lundi 22 octobre 2012

Rappel Antenne GPS Dji


La nouvelle tombe Vendredi 19 Octobre dans l'après Midi . Procédure de rappel des nouvelles antennes GPS sur les grosses Machines XL , type S800 , Cinestar , Hexa XL etc .... pour les systèmes Dji Wookong-M . ( EDIT SUR TOUTES LES MACHINES )
La mise à jour ne peut pas se faire par l'utilisateur ou le revendeur: renvoi obligatoire chez DJI .
Pour le moment, nous n'avons pas les contre-parties pour faire un échange ( prévu ce Jeudi ) .



Research and testing confirms zero faults with S800 air frame –  error found in compass firmware

DJI, one of the  world’s leading developers and manufacturers in UAV systems, today announced a
voluntary recall of all WooKong- M GP S compasses purchased after  June  15th ,  2012.  The new
compasses’ firmware contained a bug that, under very specific conditions, could  send  an  erratic signal
causing a spike in power and overall system failure.    DJI confirmed both the fault and the bug  fi x by flying
four S800s under heavy burden on electric tether for more than 72 hours without failure.

Since learning of the system failures during several S800 flights, DJI spent more than 1 600   man hours in
research and testing to  determine the fault and develop a solution for customers.  Through the vigorous
research   process, DJI engineers not only fixed  the bug in the firmware, but  also   developed multiple new
innovations for the WooKong - M GPS compass.

At this point in time DJI would advise that  users of large  multi-rotors  (S800 size and large r) fitted with
post - June 15
  compasses  should not fly their multi rotors until  their GPS/Compass   has been returned for
firmware upgrade .

All customers with WooKong- M GPS compasses purchased after June  15th , 20 12 should contact their
dealer   or click   http://www.dji-   to   get  information on returning
their GPS/Compass  module for firmware upgrade.

In turn, DJI is also developing a new firmware upgrade for the WooKong - M IMU based on the innovations
developed for the compass bug fix.  The IMU firmware upgrade will be released within the next several
weeks and will have superior solutions for the following: better resistance to vibration , less white l ights
and better compass tracking.  A further announcement will be made   when this firmware enhancement will
be available.

We are excited that we not only discovered the fault and developed a fix, but also created a superior
firmware in the process.  We look forward to working with all our customers to quickly replace their
a ffected compasses and get everyone back in the air .

Old GPS Module (OKAY TO FLY):


For any questions or concerns about the potential system failure caused by the compass firmware bug,
customers and dealers can email  support@dji- for immediate support.

DJI Innovations Technology Co. Ltd.
OCT 19th, 2012

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