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mardi 12 mars 2013

GCS Wookong/Ace Version 4.07


Dji mets a disposition une nouvelle version de son logiciel Ground control System ., il passe a la version 4.07 . 

Plus d'infos en Francais , apres un vrai test ;)

DJI would like to let you know that the new version 4.07 software of Ground Control Station has been released.
What’s Changed?
  • Control value of Yaw, Roll and Pitch can be adjusted in keyboard mode.
What’s New?
  • Add UI float tips for common information.     
  • Add VPN to solve the problem that in some areas can not load the google earth.
  • Add the GPSExplorer tool in GS CD for getting the attitude data after you use the Photogrammetry Tool.

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