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vendredi 15 mars 2013

Résolution problème d'altitude sur Wookong M

Recently we have received some information about WKM dropping height during flight, some specific customers also encountered the problem of WKM dropping height during hovering, actually through a large number of tests, the reason of these problems has been identified. The following are the specific reasons: Due to the imbalance of the propellers or deviated installing position of the IMU, which lead to one side of the IMU stay right against the fuselage. The excess vibration of fuselage transmitted to the IMU, make it cannot work normally. We tried to balance the propellers and covered the side of the IMU with some dampers on 10 aircrafts which have the dropping height problems, and finally the dropping height problem disappeared. So here are our solutions: First of all, we strongly recommend that users could DIY some damping schemes, such as balance the propellers or add some damper around or under the IMU. These will probably relieve the problem. Some customers had already verified it. In addition, DJI has developed the firmware 5.21 beta (below is the update steps), when the throttle has been pushed up to more than 85%, the dropping problem will be gone, this will save you from some risks, the feedback from the testing users is satisfied.


Input letters “door”, Code 87 4117 

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